Why men’s haircuts on the bald head are so popular?

Haircut under zero is one of the most popular men’s haircuts of all time. Hair cutting has gained popularity mainly due to its simplicity, practicality, hygiene, and many other functional advantages. Perhaps this is not the most beautiful and refined men’s hairstyle, although this is a very controversial statement, in many other parameters, a haircut under zero holds a confident superiority among men’s hairstyles.

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Haircut features

Haircut bald is quite simple and unpretentious. The hair is cut using a machine under the very root, as far as the tool allows. In some cases, the head is additionally shaved with a straight razor to achieve maximum cleanliness and a shiny effect.

Some men, once in a few days, treat the surface of the head with a straight razor to maintain a clean and shiny effect. Others, on the contrary, let their hair grow back to get a haircut at zero. This way, the effect of diversity is achieved. After a haircut, a person is completely bald, after which the hair gradually grows back, and the hairstyle is transformed into a short sports one. Then the hair grows back a little more and the hairstyle changes again. At some point, the person decides to cut their hair again, and the cycle closes.

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Reasons why men shave their heads


There are many reasons why men prefer to cut their hair at zero. First of all, it is convenient, practical and hygienic. It is no accident that this men’s haircut is standard in many regime institutions. Many athletes also choose this haircut because of its practicality.

  • Some balding men choose this haircut in order to hide the resulting bald spot, Baring the entire head completely.


An important factor contributing to the popularity of this haircut is that the haircut under zero contributes to the creation of an image of a confident and strong person, with some notes of aggression and animal magnetism.

Choosing this hairstyle, a person declares self-confidence and their active life position. Showing the world that he is not afraid to bare his skull, a man sends signals to the world that his inner essence is so strong, complete and self-sufficient that he does not care about external attractiveness, any complex “beautiful” hairstyles, styling and cosmetic procedures. He’s good enough not to worry too much about his appearance.

A man who shaves his head bare declares that he does not care about fashion or anyone’s opinion about his choice. He is strong enough and confident enough to dictate to the public his own opinion about fashion and any other issues.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Haircut bald is very popular with many men. This is not only due to the fact that the stronger sex has no other choice, there are many reasons why they prefer to completely cut their hair.

  • In the summer, with this haircut is not hot.
  • This is one of the ways to improve the skin. Shaving the hair eliminates dead cells.
  • You do not need to spend money on purchasing detergents.
  • No need to wash and straighten your hair.
  • Baldness helps to fight such problems as peeling, pediculosis and seborrhea.
  • You don’t need to spend a lot of time correcting your haircut.
  • You can cut your head at home.

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It is important to note that some men decide to shave their heads bald, since they already have bald patches. To avoid treating sleeping or diseased bulbs, they simply get rid of the hair.

However, there are significant disadvantages of baldness. For example, many believe that only “bad guys”shave their heads. When crossing the border, customs officers may doubt the identity by checking the documents. Not only that, since the hair holds heat, their absence leads to increased heat exchange.

Some believe that men with a bald head scare off bandits. Also in a fight, you can grab your hair, which is not very good.


Advantages and disadvantages of haircuts

In addition to the above, the advantages of this haircut can be added to the fact that it is not as hot in the summer as with longer hair. Hair cutting is also quite economical: minimal time spent on washing and drying the head, minimal costs for shampoo.

In addition, a haircut under zero is easy to do with your own hands, if you buy a good machine. This will save you from the time and money spent on trips to the Barber shop.


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