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Top 10 best men’s haircuts 2020

Men’s hairstyle 2020 combines expectations, masculinity and tidiness. Hairdressers this year take into account everything: features of appearance, types, and features of the face, hair structure. On the basis of this is chosen the most profitable hairstyle and styling, taking into account the fashion trends of this year

Skin Fade Haircut

This hairstyle is modern and stylish. Excellent demonstrates the characteristic features of the man’s face, emphasizes his personality, and makes little standout from the crowd. This hairstyle is suitable for thick and hard hair, and for thin and rare. It can be worn tucked away and combed one way downwards. Suitable for everyday wear.

Top 10 best men's haircuts 2020 1Top 10 best men's haircuts 2020 2

But if you want to stand out, you can pick up the strands and it will be a more daring style. Suitable for any age, and in combination with explosions can make the image of a strong person and will give a slight negligence. People with a smooth haircut, such as “Skin Fade Haircut” are perfect. It does not require careful consideration and additional design.


Skin Fade Haircut

Textured Crop Cut

French Crop

The Swept-Back Look

Popular in recent years, men’s hair. Which can be worn in different ways and it will not cause discomfort or long styling. It can be worn with your hair thrown to the side and put in gel. You can also simply comb and dry all your hair with a hair dryer back. This haircut with shaved temples and back of the head and extra long hair on the crown.

The hairstyle is perfect for both young guys and adult Mature men, it emphasizes individuality, seriousness and masculinity. Looks great with both thick and sparse hair.


     Back Look

Buzz cut

Severe and masculine hairstyle. Looks like a military hairstyle. Emphasizes all facial features, not suitable for an elongated face as it is too open and lengthens the face.

This hairstyle is suitable for any age, both for adults and for young guys. The advantage of the hairstyle is its ease of wearing and does not require any special manipulations and styling

short haircut

Top 10 best men's haircuts 2020 3
short haircut

Medium haircut

This hairstyle is again at the peak of popularity, suitable for any age. Ideal for any type and structure of hair, and the same face shape. A distinctive feature is the shaved side of the temples and the back of the head, elongated hair on the top of the head. Long bangs that are combed on one side.

This hairstyle is very popular because it is easy to style, you just need to comb the hair on one side. Hairstyle hides flaws in appearance, in the form of a head or face. This hairstyle has an average difficulty of care.

George Clooney
Medium haircut​ men

Angular Brush Back with High Fade

Popular hairstyle, with long hair on top and a shaved head at the bottom. Excellent modern hairstyle, suitable for different ages. It’s a mix of different styles.

This hairstyle will look better on curly hair – bangs will lie better. Smooth and straight hair will need to be dried with a hair dryer and use additional styling products. You can also perfectly combine this hairstyle perfectly with a stylishly shaved beard.

curly hair 2
curly hair
Angular Brush Back with High Fade

French Crop

Modern “crop” is considered a democratic option, which is suitable for any style and appearance.

“Crop” translates as “cutting short”, and in fact, most of the hair is cut off in the hairstyle. The hair is left only on the top, the short bangs are combed forward, the temples and the back of the head are cut short or shaved. An important difference is the specific design of the bangs in combination with the voluminous the top of the head.

It is a vivid example of minimalism among modern men’s hairstyles. For those who have sparse hair, baldness appears in the forehead, she can hide these imperfections by combing them to the side or forward.

The hairstyle is attractive because it is easy to care for: wash, dry, style.

sporting hair
sporting hairstyle
David Beckham
French Crop

Flat top

Hairstyle is more suitable for thick hair. This requires understanding from the beautician, as the hairstyle plan is perplexing. Sanctuaries and the rear of the head are shaved or trimmed short, and at the highest point of the head, the hair is trimmed in an even flat line, as the name infers. The haircut requires styling.

Different lengths of strands are conceivable. For the round state of the face, longer strands are left. With straight or wavy hair style appears to be unique.

Not suitable for owners of liquid and skimpy hair. The finish hides a receding hairline.

Flat top
Flat top boy
Flat top boy

Classic Swept-Back Quiff

Modern men’s hairstyle without clear limits. The principle highlight by an extended top. Suitable for both youthful folks and middle-aged men. Joined with a facial hair of various lengths. There are two types: conventional and sports.

In 2020, it stays important, in spite of the fact that it has lost a portion of ubiquity in examination with the last season. Hairdo requires daily styling and the utilization of additional hair care products.

Classic Swept-Back Quiff​
men's haircut
Top Back Quiff

Edgy Fauxhawk

The quirky men’s hairstyle will suit both youthful and innovative men. Fundamental highlights: voluminous scruff, long strands, hair covering the ears. Liquid and thick the hair in the hairstyle look different.

It is displayed with straight cut or battered strands, total shading or featuring is conceivable. This alludes to the mind-boggling execution of haircuts. With the help of style, you can create both a harsh and indiscreet picture.

guide to the fauxhawk
medium-length hair
Edgy Fauxhawk

Haircut With Ponytail Combination

A modernized hair style called “Boone” is like “Top bunch”. The fundamental attributes of the pattern hairdos: long strands on top, the nearness of sharp progress while changing the length, abbreviated or shaved with a machine the rear of the head and sanctuaries.

Hairdo called “aid” makes the picture cool and ruthless, however, you have to develop hair to the ideal length. For the exemplary form, the length of the strands from 15 inch. the perfect expansion will be facial hair.

Haircut With Ponytail Combination - Men's Hairstyle 2019
Men's Hairstyle 2019
Haircut With Ponytail Combination

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