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Best Phoenix Tattoos For Men

Best Phoenix Tattoos For Men

Many people, coming to the salon, order a Phoenix tattoo. Not all of them know what a tattoo means. They like the look. There are also representatives of subcultures who are guided by their occult ideas, or personal ideas

Legends of the mythical bird

The Phoenix is a mystical bird that is mentioned in the mythological epics of many peoples of the world. According to legend, every 500 years it died and was reborn again. Sensing the approach of death, the bird built a nest and set itself on fire. After 3 days, the Phoenix came to life, but the experience accumulated over past lives remained with it. By the way, the name of the creature is translated from the Greek language as “fire-red”. Herodotus claimed that the magic bird does not exist – it is nothing more than a beautiful legend

phoenix tattoos for guys

Other authors wrote that they saw a Phoenix in real life. He lived in the city of Heliopolis (the current territory of Egypt) but was called differently-Bennu. This deity was depicted with the head of a Heron and identified with the revered God RA, symbolizing the sun and the resurrection from the dead.

Meaning of the Phoenix tattoo

The Phoenix tattoo stands for infinity, strength, patience, and rebirth. The fiery image is suitable for people who have passed through many trials on the way to their happiness. The Phoenix tattoo is a sign of a winner who has come out of life’s difficulties with dignity. Past bitter experience has forced a person to draw certain conclusions, which means that he will not make such mistakes in the future. These tattoos are chosen by confident men who have a fighting spirit and endurance. An independent and proud character does not allow them to ask for help from others and again stumble themselves.

phoenix tattoos

In the male version, you can find a black and white Phoenix tattoo, stylized under tribal patterns or ornaments. In this case, the value of the tattoo is completely preserved, but it looks more masculine.
It is believed that the Phoenix tattoo has strong energy and can influence a person’s life, adding strength and helping them achieve their goals.


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Currently, the Firebird tattoo has several options, each of which has a special meaning:

  1. Flying bird. It symbolizes liberation from external and internal shackles, the desire for free endless flight, separation from the banal, empty, routine life.
  2. Phoenix bursting out of the fire. The flame, in this case, is death, which the bird managed to defeat.
  3. a Golden creature with tears in its eyes. Indicates recovery from severe injuries, physical and mental rebirth.

phoenix tattoo meaning for men

Location on the body

In men, the most effective Firebird looks at the forearm, emphasizing the muscles and contours of the hand. The symbol, in this case, serves as a stimulus to action, makes you show activity.

Location on different parts of the body has its characteristics:


This large area has enough space to implement the most daring ideas. Here you can create a large drawing on a complex background, adding details to it. The Phoenix with outstretched wings is a symbol of rebirth to a new life and protection from negativity.

phoenix tattoo designs


Tattoo will be smaller in size, but high-quality detailing is possible here.

phoenix tattoo designs male


quite often the bird is depicted here. As a rule, the tattoo is small, but the wings and tail can be located on other parts of the body.

men's phoenix tattoo


the figure is similar to the previous one.

phoenix arm tattoos


will be a universal solution for both sexes.

phoenix tattoo arm


The female version, which is characterized by smooth lines and delicate shapes.


colorful phoenix tattoo


young boys and girls dream about the image of a Firebird on its side. Important attention is paid to the choice of the plot, the style of the tattoo, as well as the combination with suitable symbols.

phoenix arm tattoo

Styles and shades

The combination of tones depends on the color of the skin, as well as its density and transparency. Men should choose warm shades: red, yellow, Golden and orange are effectively combined with rich black contours.

phoenix tattoo sleeves phoenix side tattoo phoenix tattoo for guys

Phoenix looks impressive in color and in black and white. Color tattoos are performed in the styles of the old school, watercolor, new school, thrash polka, superrealism.

The following directions are used for monochrome images:

  • minimalism;
  • tribal-destination from Africa and Australia;
  • linework-a drawing consisting of clear straight lines;
  • ethnics;
  • classic black and white style;
  • graphics-different clarity of drawing every detail.

pheonix tattoo images phoenix sleeve badass phoenix tattoo phoenix tattoo chest black and grey phoenix tattoo phoenix tattoo male

Popular stories

  1. The Phoenix and the dragon. On the same territory, these wonderful creatures are unlikely to be able to live peacefully, so they are depicted fighting with each other. In the Chinese tradition, this battle represents the masculine and feminine.
  2.  The Phoenix and the Basilisk. Many associates this story with the Harry Potter movies, where there was an order of the Phoenix and a Basilisk that had to be defeated.
  3. Phoenix rising from a fire, ash, or lava. It is very popular, supplemented by various special effects.
  4. The Feather of the sacred bird. It is considered a hackneyed image that has been used by many tattoo artists for several decades. In this case, everything is individual, although the sketches are similar to each other.
  5.  A Phoenix sitting on a tree, against a background of mountains, forest, clouds, or other landscape. When creating a background drawing, it is given the same value as the main image.

Phoenix sitting on a tree, The Phoenix and the dragon2 The Phoenix and the dragon pheonix tattoo images phoenix sleeve

No one from modern people has ever seen a Phoenix, so a specialist can give free rein to his own imagination. The number of plots and various stylizations is quite large. Among them, you can choose a suitable option or create your own image of the mysterious and unique Phoenix.


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