Hairstyle plays an important role in the appearance of a person. With its help, you can emphasize facial features, hide some flaws, complete the image. On how the hair is styled depends largely on the General perception of a person, style and taste. Men’s styling are very different. Of course, on short, trimmed under the machine, you will not experiment, but how a man to put longer hair to emphasize his individuality, to create a presentable look, we will tell you further.

Many men do not perceive any manipulation or hair styling for guys due to a lack of time or desire. About any blow-drying, the use of means for fixing of the speech does not go. The maximum that you will find in the Arsenal men’s hair comb and shampoo. But neat and well-groomed should look every person. Therefore, if a man has long or medium length strands, the styling must necessarily be present.

Hairstyling men can transform the appearance:

  • add a touch of elegance or brutality;
  • emphasize the rebellious temperament of a man or refinement, gallantry;
  • to highlight the merits and hide the shortcomings.

To look stylish, it is not enough just to wash your hair. Also, the choice of male styling products, tools for creating hairstyles is now no less than for women. Therefore, the owner of long hair must necessarily know a few tricks for styling to look attractive, well-groomed and neat.

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If the length of the hair is not
0,39 inch, then the styling will not work

Hair styling methods

Popular styling options: back and sideways.

Before you style your hair with gel, mousse or cream, you need to know a few rules that will help you quickly, effectively create a beautiful hairstyle:

  • The head should be washed and the hairs moist.
  • The use of a hairdryer will help to give the latter the necessary direction.
  • In order not to burn strands of hot airflow, the hairdryer should be kept at a distance of 5,91 inch. otherwise, moisture evaporates from the hairs, they become lifeless, hard and dry.
  • To fix unruly hair will need styling tools: varnish, gel, mousse, hair wax-about them a little later.

Сomb your hair back

How to use hair gel

Laying back

A strong fixation gel is needed. First, comb slightly damp hair back. Then apply on them a means for fixing and further distribute with a comb. To hairstyle remained in this form, dry your hair with a Hairdryer. The flow of air should be directed strictly ago. Otherwise, the styling of a beautiful male haircut will deteriorate and become disheveled. Additionally, in the end, you can spray the varnish. It will provide additional fixation and protect from the wind.

This hairstyle is suitable if a man has thick, healthy and shiny hair. It emphasizes their natural beauty. Appropriate for both business meetings and casual walks on the weekends. Effectively looks at short or shaved temples. More suitable for young people, because it completely opens the face. The presence of wrinkles on the forehead with this hairstyle will be more noticeable, which will affect the attractiveness.

Not recommended for men with a round or triangular face with a sharp chin. Also not suitable for experiments with protruding ears, the presence of receding hairline, rare, thin hair.

Сomb your hair to the side

This option looks successfully in the presence of a thick, long, beautiful bangs. The styling is creative, original. Suitable for young people with rectangular, oval, square face type. It is also a versatile option that will be appropriate with both classic and casual clothing.

We will need mousse or gel. It should be applied to clean wet hair and comb them sideways. For additional fixation, dry with a Hairdryer. The flow of air should be directed in the direction where the hair is combed. In the end, spray the varnish.

If a man has curly strands, then it will be more difficult to lay them smoothly. You will need to either pre-align them with an iron or leave the curls. By the way, wavy strands, in this case, can be an advantage, because they can create a beautiful basal volume, which is difficult to achieve with smooth hair.

Laying on one side​


It is not necessary to go to a beauty salon to create a beautiful male hairstyle and attractive image. This can be done independently at home. Only preliminary it is necessary to arm themselves with tools and styling tools. To do this, you will need:

  • means for fixing;
  • comb and massage brush;
  • hairdryer, iron (if you plan to straighten curls).

Additionally, it is recommended to purchase thermal protection products to protect the strands from the damaging effects of high temperatures. Most often they are produced in the form of a spray, which when sprayed, leaves a thin transparent film on the hair, protecting it from moisture evaporation, dryness, damage to the structure.

If the hair is short

If the hair is short​

Long hair, though gives ample opportunities for modeling hairstyles but requires special care, and styling takes more time. Therefore, most men prefer a short haircut. The advantage of such hair is that you can put them in a few minutes.

Options for laying is not so much. A man can comb his hair back, create a smooth side parting or lay on one side. You can also lift at the roots and style in the punk style. The well-known Mohawk looks good on short hair, it is a kind of calm version of the sensational youth styling. Of course, you can complement the image of a leather jacket, chains. But such men’s styling short hair is also quite combined with casual style casual, sportswear.

How to style your hair in punk style:

  • Apply to the palms of the fixing agent.
  • To distribute the strands.
  • Tilt your head down and comb your hair with your hands to the center.
  • If the length allows, then grab the hair with an iron, gradually moving it to the tips.
  • To fix the varnish.

Styling short men’s hair with a hedgehog is still in fashion. Its undying popularity is due to the ease of installation. It gives a man creativity, youthful romance. In harmony with the bristles. Suitable for athletic men with regular facial features. To do the styling, it is enough to apply a fixing agent to wet hair and lift them up at the roots.

With an average length of

top men's haircuts

The average length provides many more opportunities for laying. Here you can fantasize and experiment as your heart desires.

Popular men’s hairstyling medium length:

  • Sideways, back.
  • In a casual style. Characterized by deliberate negligence. He gives the impression that the man came out of the shower, ran his hand through his hair. Elongated bangs combed back, then slightly to the side. Make a basal volume.
  • Retro-style. This men’s styling for medium hair is a combed bangs back, the end of which is curled and styled in a wave. This type of hairstyle is suitable for a themed evening. But some men experiment and create such an image for everyday life.

There are many options for styling and haircuts for curly hair. For example, in the style of grunge-creative mess on the head. A distinctive feature is the brutality and audacity. For this hairstyle will need a means of strong fixation. For example, wax gel. It should be applied to the hair, then ruffle them, lifting the roots.

Long hair and bangs

Long-haired men have a lot of options for styling. One of the most common hairstyles is a bun or ponytail. It looks impressive if the temples are short or shaved. The tailor tuft can be located on the top or back of the head.

In the cabin

If you can not do your hair or a man can not choose the best option, you can contact the hairdresser. The specialist will create a suitable image, taking into account the wishes of the client, the shape of the face, hair features. Then, on the example of a hairdresser, you can try to create a similar styling at home.

Long hair and bangs​
Methods of laying

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