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How to style a man’s hair

Mens hair styling tips

Attractive appearance, well-groomed and neatness-always in fashion. That is why self-care is a rule of good form. This is true not only for the beautiful half of humanity, but also for men. Today, there is no sphere of human activity where appearance does not matter. The expression of style and individuality is certainly appreciated both in the business and creative world. One of the main factors that create an image is the hairstyle. With the help of a successful haircut and styling, you can adjust the external features, emphasize the advantages, show character and individuality. Ladies are more advanced in the matter of how to style their own hair. However, in the modern world, men must have similar skills.

Modern men


Essential standards of laying

Current men commit increasingly more time to their picture and appearance, as these criteria straightforwardly influence the achievement and accomplishment of numerous objectives. The haircut is a fundamental property of a fruitful and representative, individually, and hairstyling is very important for men. It will assist with accentuating the focal points in the presence of a man, right the state of the face and conceal imperfections and blemishes.

How to style your hair: tips for men

After you wash your head and dry your hair, almost all short men’s haircuts look the same without styling.  Only when a man uses a hairdryer and applies means to fix the hair, only then will the hairstyle look individual. The volume on the hair is relevant for light hair and very thin.

  1. Any masonry, be it long or short hair nachinautsa with Hairdryer. Dry clean washed hair well. Lift the hair with a stream of air, creating volume on the hair and the same airflow and comb you can create in your styling. For better styling, use a hair dryer with a narrow nozzle that sets the direction of the air.
  2. Remember the “two-touch” rule. To do this, take a hair styling product, gel, foam or wax, apply to both palms of your hands, RUB between your palms. Next, apply the product with your right hand on the right side, and with your left hand on the left side of the hair. Then, with short, jerky movements, distribute it over the head.
  3. Next, let your styling and gel dry and, if necessary, fix the desired areas with varnish. Remember, if you are not satisfied with something, do not add gel, it will spoil everything and make your hair heavier and dirty and untidy. If the first time did not work better wash your head and try again.

The main condition in hair care is mandatory washing of styling products from the hair before going to bed since the hair needs care and oxygen supply!

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How to style medium length hair


For short hair, the most popular styling styles are “good” and “bad guy”. Making them yourself is very simple, in this case, the help of a specialist is not required. The only thing you may need is the availability of styling products. As such, you can use a special styling with a strong fixation or a simple gel or wax.

To create a hairstyle in the “good guy” style, you need to:

apply a little styling product to clean hair;
manually lay the strands in the direction of the sides, thus forming a fuzzy line of hair parting on one side.

Styling in the image of the “bad guy” is carried out in a similar way, but the direction of the hair should be done from the top to the forehead, and the hair on the back of the head should be slightly disheveled, creating a slight mess.

For creative and young people, styling in the style of “punk” remains relevant. For such a hairstyle, you need to ruffle your hair and give it a light careless look, using styling products.

You can also lift it at the roots and lay it in a punk style. The well known Mohawk looks good on short hair

French Crop

How to style your hair in punk style:

  1. Apply a fixative to the palms of your hands.
    To distribute the strands.
  2. Tilt your head down and comb your hair with your hands to the center.
  3. If the length allows, then grab the hair with an iron, gradually moving it to the tips.
  4. Fix with varnish.

For medium length strands

Laying on one side​

For medium-length strands, it is also not difficult to choose a hairstyle. In this case, the most relevant options are elegant. This installation does not require much effort. To create it, just straighten your hair with an iron, giving it a perfect smoothness, or comb the strands back.

Elegant styling is exactly what is so necessary for medium-length curls. To create the best image, you need to comb the strands back, using a straightening iron. After that, the hair should be fixed with gel, wax or cream – it all depends on the type and hardness of the hair.A round brush will help to add volume. You can use wax to accentuate the ends of your hair or select strands. Make your hair manageable, give them volume and securely fix the hairstyle will help grease.

For long hair

Before performing styling on long hair, you need to wash your head and use a balm. Then you should determine the position of the device. You can dry your hair in natural conditions or with a hair dryer at low power. From styling products, mousse, gel or paste are optimal.

Owners of long strands, such as shoulder-length, most often use “slicked” ponytails. In this case, the hair should be carefully collected at the back of the head with an elastic band. In order for the hairstyle to look as neat and stylish as possible, you need to use a styling tool that will not allow small hairs to push and get out of the tail.

Long hair and bangs

Men’s hair styling styles

Men's hair styling styles​

Men’s styling after shampooing can be implemented in different techniques:

  1. Classic-it gives the haircut expressiveness and well-groomed appearance. In this case, the hair is combed back or parted evenly and smoothed using the selected fixing product.
  2. Sports-cosmetic with this technique is applied only to long strands above the temporal region. A little gel or other fixing composition is rubbed in the palms, after which they are given the desired shape of the hairstyle. The root volume in the upper zone is created using a hair dryer. With an asymmetric hairstyle, the hairdryer is used only for processing bangs, and the hair in the nape of the neck is lifted with your fingers with the application of styling cosmetics.
  3. Grunge technique-creating the effect of stylish chaos, careless, but very effective hairstyle. A special expressiveness of the image is given by shaved temples and oblique bangs.
  4. Retro style-creating a formal hairstyle for a haircut with long strands in the forehead area. If you have a long bangs on it, a light wave is performed.
  5. Style punk hairstyles with a fleece in the crown and fixing the shape in the form of a Mohawk.


Styling products

For hairstyling experts recommend using the following cosmetic products:

  1. Gel. Universal product for hair of any length, structure, and thickness. There are no alcohol components in the composition, the degree of fixation is usually average, which meets the needs of most consumers.
  2. Foam and mousse. This product is applied to both wet and dry hair. Foam is lighter in texture than gel, so it promises the most natural, but durable hair styling.
  3. Lacquer. It is usually used to fix an already decorated hairstyle, but the varnish is more suitable for short haircuts. The varnish is sprayed along the length of the hair and dried with a Hairdryer, as required by the styling. Use often varnish is harmful to the hair structure, as it contains alcohol components.
  4. Wax. The ideal tool for fixing the ends of the hair, most often men prefer to put a stubborn bang with wax.

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