Features of the first haircut

First baby haircut

The baby is born either bald or with thin soft hairs, which soon after birth are wiped and fall out. With this first hair do not need to do anything, but by the year the first haircut of the child becomes a necessary event. Why is this necessary? How to cut a baby? The answers to these questions can be found below.

First baby haircut​

Why cut the baby’s hair?

Medicine provides a choice for parents. Haircut one-year-old child doctors consider optional, and if the baby has problems with the scalp, then harmful. There is a risk to damage the hair follicles and make the child the owner of liquid rare hairs. However, in the question of the need for hair cutting, there is another side-practical. Many mothers cut off the baby’s hair if they cause him discomfort-confused, sweating, climb into the eyes, tickle. After cutting the hair looks neater and smoother.

Haircut one-year-old


How to get the baby a haircut at home?

There are two ways to haircut children at home:

  • scissors;
  • hair clipper

The first method is convenient and accessible – scissors are in every home, and instructions for their use are many. But it is quite dangerous to cut a small child with this tool. One wrong move and the cut was inevitable. The machine in this regard is much safer. It allows you to quickly and painlessly make the baby a neat hairstyle. And you can cut as “under the night”, and leaving a few millimeters of hair.

haircut children

Preparatory stage baby haircut.

The first haircut is a serious matter. For the baby, this activity is new, unusual and possibly frightening. It is necessary to dispel fears and prepare the baby for the procedure so that during the process he accidentally jerked and cut himself off with scissors. From the same considerations, it is better to choose scissors with rounded ends.

  1. Tell the baby that you are going to cut his hair. Explain what it means and why it is necessary. Demonstrate tools (comb, scissors, typewriter).
  2. Demonstrate haircut for video or show me on the doll. Perhaps you will even be able to captivate the baby so much that he will ask him to cut his hair.
  3. Put the child on a comfortable high chair in front of the mirror.
  4. Give crumbs toys or turn on your favorite cartoon to distract the child.
  5. Just in case, ask one of the relatives to be present at the haircut. If the baby starts to spin and act up, an adult can support him

How to cut a child’s hair with scissors?

So, you have chosen scissors for cutting the baby. Prepare all the tools in advance:

  • scissors
  • spray gun with water
  • comb

One-year-old kids usually do not make model haircuts and cut all hair the same.

  1. Sprinkle the baby’s head with water and gently comb the hair. Talk to your baby all the time and explain all your actions. You can imagine that you are playing a game: you are a hairdresser, a child is a visitor.
  2. Hold the strand between your fingers, comb it and cut it off. You need to do everything very carefully and quickly.
  3.  Start the haircut with the most “hairy” places, because if the child is overtired and does not sit until the end of the haircut, the main part of the work will be done.
  4. Start the haircut with the most “hairy” places, because if the child is overtired and does not sit until the end of the haircut, the main part of the work will be done.

Make sure that there are no small hairs on the baby’s skin.

baby boy haircuts

How to cut baby’s hair clipper?

For cutting children’s curls it is better to choose a special children’s machine. From “adult” it differs ceramic blades and a smaller gap between them. This ensures a more accurate haircut-the machine does not pull the hair and does not damage the hair follicle.

The preparatory stage is the same as when cutting with scissors: interest the baby in the process, turn everything into a game.

Cut the crumbs start from the back of the head, gently combing the hair, and then cutting them with a machine.

baby boys haircuts

Baby hair clippers.

In children’s stores and on Internet sites you can buy such goods as a special children’s hair clipper. It will greatly facilitate and speed up the work of the baby, make it enjoyable and entertaining.

In comparison with adult counterparts, children’s cars have many advantages.

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  1. They’re quiet. This means that the sound will not frighten the child and not turn the process of cutting into torment.
  2.  They’re safe. It’s all about special ceramic knives. They won’t hurt the baby’s skin.
  3.  They’re comfortable. They can be used by both mom and dad – there will be no difficulties with the operation. In addition, children’s cars are designed for cutting children from birth to 9-10 years.
  4.  They’re beautiful. Drawings and bright colors will attract the attention of the child – this machine he wants to get a haircut.

Storage of the first curl for memory.

Many mothers are concerned about the question: where to put the first cut hairs of the baby? Throw them away. What then?

You can save a strand of hair in this way for memory.

feather hair babybaby feather hair storagefeather hair baby

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