to cut your own hair

How to cut hair by yourself man?

Haircut at home has several advantages over the same procedure performed in the hairdresser.

First, it is completely hygienic and safe, as the man will use the nozzles alone.

Secondly, cheaper: the cost of purchasing a typewriter for haircuts will return in about a year if you cut hair once or twice a month. However, there is a slight difficulty. How to cut a man’s hair with a machine, without having experience? Of course, it’s easier to watch the video, in the article.

Basic devices for self-haircut

What you need to take care of:                            

How to cut hair by yourself man? 2How to cut hair by yourself man? 3

How to cut hair by yourself man? 4

Professionals say: half of the success of a haircut is the presence of good scissors and auxiliary accessories. To find the perfect pair of scissors is enough to recall what tools are hairdressers. As a rule, these are medium-sized scissors with narrow and thin blades. First, small scissors are easier to hold in your hands. And secondly, the devices should not block the result of work.

  • A machine for cutting hair, with different nozzles.

Here are the best hair clippers for men

Advice! When choosing a device, you need to know how often it will be used and for which hair. For long-term operation, it is better to buy a professional rotary machine

How to cut hair by yourself man? 5How to cut hair by yourself man? 6

  1. Professional Clippers For Barbers: Wahl Professional 5-Star CordHow to cut hair by yourself man? 1
  2. High-Performance Clippers For Home: Wahl Clipper Combo Pro  How to cut hair by yourself man? 1How to cut hair by yourself man? 6
  3. Cordless Hair Clippers: Whal Color Pro     
  4. Self-Haircut Kit: Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

How to cut hair by yourself man? 11How to cut hair by yourself man? 10

  • Spray with water, for wetting hair.

How to cut hair by yourself man? 13How to cut hair by yourself man? 14

How to cut hair by yourself man? 15How to cut hair by yourself man? 16

  • Bright room light

How do you get a haircut for a man on his own at home?

A good haircut is an important aspect of any man’s appearance. Let’s look at how to make a haircut for yourself and save on it. Preparation, selection of tools and attentiveness are the basic rules of a high-quality men’s haircut.

To create your haircut you need to use several rules. Each man finds his style, as well as picks up the necessary tools to create his beautiful hairstyle.

Stages of self-haircut

First, the man is determined and decides what hairstyle he needs. He trims and leaves his favorite hairstyle, choosing his style. Each man ponders small changes in the haircut, for example, how to cut the sides.

In order to make a haircut of any length using a machine, you only need attachments of different lengths and, of course, the desire to learn how to do this haircut.

  • A man takes a comb with thick teeth.

With it, it divides and evens the hair. Smoothing matted hair, you can take a long or pocket combHow to cut hair by yourself man? 1. When using a pocket comb, you need to collect hair during a haircut.

to cut your own

  • Before cutting, the man moisturizes his hair to make it easier to cut.

You can get a haircut with dry hair. Wet is easier to cut. If you moisturize thin hair, the haircut will be much easier. A man washes his head or wets his hair in the shower, and then dries his head. But during the haircut hair should be wet. If necessary, you can wet your hair with a spray.

  • He gets in front of the mirror and finds the best look at the head for a haircut.

The man sees his haircut in front and on the sides, using a large mirror. For convenience, many men use a second additional mirror. They put it in the back and see the whole process.

For men with long hair will be useful comb – it will be able to hold the hair. The comb can be combed hair from either side.

  • Brushes hair from ear to temples.
  • Using a comb lifts hair from fingers.
  • Slowly removes the comb (or fingers) from the hair to gain access to the scissors.
  • Removes a comb or fingers (further), that is, cuts off less hair.

In the process of cutting, the hair is cut with scissors, and the comb or fingers are perpendicular. A haircut will be safe if the comb remains between the scissors and the scalp. A man performs this operation several times and cuts off his hair, checking their length. If the length does not match or the haircut style does not fit, you can go back and cut the desired length.

Cutting on the sides is easy. A man needs to cut the hair around his ears, lifting them with a comb. When cutting the sides, you must observe the perpendicularity of the comb to the scissors. In the process of cutting it is better to stop.

After the haircut, each man aligns the edges. After cutting hair from both sides and from above, you need to cut the sides and back of the head. You can take a razor or machine and cut the sides.

If a man needs long sides, it is better to start cutting from the ear. Short sides, get a haircut from the beginning of cheekbones or goat (part of the skin in front of the ear). After swiping his fingers under his hair, he checks the smoothness of the hair.

You can also use a machine for a beard or a razor for cutting “wings”. They lie on the neck when the man has long hair. The haircut starts from the neck, so you need to use the mirror.

Tips for self-haircut

  • Using an electric hair machine, you can cut your head from different sides.
  • You can take a haircut machine and get a short haircut.
  • You need to cut your hair slowly, looking at your head from start to finish.
  • When the haircut is performed for the first time, there is no need to leave very short hair. If a man cuts his hair very short, he will not be able to remove the errors in the haircut.
  • When a man has a haircut at home, he will not have to go to the barbershop.

Observing all the rules for haircuts, the man can cut his hair at home. Which way is more convenient: scissors or a typewriter for haircuts – a personal choice of everyone.

In the process of haircut should not forget about the length of hair, especially when the haircut is made with an electric razor. Cutting the back of the head, it is better to take another additional mirror, so that the haircut was performed smoothly.

The easiest haircut that even a novice can handle is a haircut with a single nozzle. This brutal hairstyle is suitable for owners of an oval face shape.

flat top

  • Wash and dry your hair, then comb it.
  • Set the nozzle to the desired value on the machine — the longer the desired hairstyle, the greater the number of the nozzle.
  • Start the haircut from the back of the head, moving against the hair growth.
  • Move to the parietal area, removing the length in continuous strips.
  • Your goal is to achieve the same length on the entire head, without protruding hairs.
How to cut a man’s bangs?

If you do not decide to cut the entire head, you can start hairdressing training with a haircut bangs. The most popular and simple option — smooth bangs.


  • Wet and comb your hair.
  • Separate a small strand of hair from the left side, the parting should run parallel to the eyebrow. Pull it down slightly and cut it to the desired length.
  • Separate the layer of hair above the same strand and align with it, but cut off a millimeter more.
  • Repeat the same steps for the right side.
  • The Central part is also divided into two layers and cut the extra length, aligning the side strands.
  • If the hair is thick, you can complete the bangs haircut by milling

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