How Long Does It Take For A Tattoo To Heal?

Stages and terms of tattoo healing

There are several stages of tattoo healing, each of which differs in certain rules of care for the damaged area of the skin. For the body image to remain a spectacular and beautiful decoration for a long time, you should not neglect the tips of the tattooist. Strict compliance with its recommendations is the main guarantee that you will not need correction. What should I know to avoid the deformation of the tattoo and maintain its durability?


General recommendation

You should start with three simple but important rules:

  • The first 5-7 days after drawing, try to go outside less, because, during this period, the wound is most afraid of sunlight, and can still be damaged from the slightest contact with any surface or clothing. Also, it is important not to bring an infection, and for this, you should process the tattoo in time.
  • The most obvious, but the most important rule is that before choosing a tattoo artist, be sure to review his work, read reviews because no proper care will correct crooked lines, fuzzy contours and will not get rid of wounds and infections that an Amateur can provide. Do not be fooled by discounts and promotions, do not go to friends who “tried and failed”, because the result may apply to you in a completely different way.
  • Do not get a tattoo if you have an Allergy to paint, low blood clotting, skin diseases, diabetes, or if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, drunk, or have asthma.

Phase one

The quality of the tattoo is half dependent on proper care in the first days after the session. Permanent drawing is a mechanical intervention in the human body, which can not pass without pain and a trace. After the procedure, small microcracks remain on the body, through which the blood is released. This starts the process of healing and cleansing the skin, which starts the lymphatic system.

how long does a tattoo take to heal

At the first stage of healing, the area of the body with the tattoo swells and there is a discharge in the form of a sticky liquid with an admixture of ink. Many people, first of all, think that the drawing simply spreads and is washed away, but this is not the case. This is a normal reaction of the body to such a procedure. Even in the salon, the tattooist processes the place of application with a healing ointment and wraps it with a protective film. It is not recommended to remove the film on the first day. At home, you need to take a warm (not hot!) shower, gently wash the wound with antibacterial soap and leave to dry. In no case should you RUB the drawing with a washcloth or towel? After washing, apply a healing anti-inflammatory cream to the tattoo.

how long does it take a tattoo to heal

What can’t be done until the tattoo heals?

To avoid further health problems, you should know that it is strictly forbidden to do after applying a tattoo.

  • Use of alcohol

    If you drink alcoholic beverages after applying the tattoo, the healing process will be delayed, sukrovitsa will be released from the wound for a long time, the paint will be washed out so that the drawing will become pale. Give up alcohol is necessary for the entire period of skin recovery, otherwise, instead of a gorgeous picture, you will get very unattractive scars. A day or two before going to the master, you should also give up alcohol.

  • Tattoo combing

    At the healing stage, the tattoo is almost always itchy. It is very important to endure this period, because as a result of scratching, the image may be damaged, which will lead to the need for correction. If the place of application is very itchy, you need to lightly Pat the image with your hand. If you can not tolerate itching, use special tools to eliminate it, such as Panthenol.

  • Exercise

Classes in the gym contribute to a strong release of sweat. Excessive moisture can accumulate on your tattoo, and this can contribute to longer healing and even distortion of the outline of the drawing. To minimize the risks of blurring the image, it is better to postpone your training until the tattoo heals.

how long does it take for tattoos to heal

  • Sauna, swimming pool

    As well as sports, visiting the steam room leads to the formation of numerous sweat, which can lead to the washing out of coloring substances. Swimming in the pool can cause infection.

Second stage

On the second day of healing tattoo ichor fades, the swelling subsides. The skin at this stage tightens, becomes dry and dehydrated. Why is this happening? The fact is that the ink is perceived by the body as a foreign body. It takes time for them to take root and not be rejected. During this period, you should actively process the drawing with healing ointments. It is recommended to avoid body contact with clothing, as friction does not promote healing of the tattoo. If you need to go outside, it is desirable to wrap the place of application with a protective or ordinary food wrap. At home, during the second stage of healing, it is better to leave the tattoo open so that the skin breathes.

Third stage

Usually, on the third day, a crust forms on the tattoo. The skin begins to peel off, white or colored flakes appear. The fact is that the ink remains in the lower layer, the dermis, and the epidermis, that is, the upper layer is updated and restored after the procedure. This reaction of the body provokes severe itching and discomfort. In any case, you can not scratch the tattoo and peel off the crust. This will significantly damage the drawing and increase the healing time. You can lightly Pat your hand on the body and continue to process the area with ointment. The antiseptic solution “Sinaflan” will also help reduce itching. At this time, it is advisable not to visit the gym, Solarium, limit the time spent in the open sun and reduce physical activity. Do not be afraid of the tattoo fades a little and loses its brightness. This will pass after full healing

tattoo healing time

The healing time

The healing time of a tattoo is individual for each person and depends on the following factors.

Place of application

The buttocks, chest, and abdomen heal most quickly. The recovery period takes from 4 to 7 days. Areas with a small amount of subcutaneous fat (back, ankle, neck) can heal up to 2 weeks.

Tattoo volume

Large tattoos are usually applied in several stages, so full healing occurs in a month. This is especially true for portrait photos in the style of realism or blackwork tattoo, where a large amount of ink is used for full shading of the drawing. Small and medium-sized tattoos recover faster because the area of the body is small.

Line thickness and depth

Thin neat lines do not injure the skin much and recover faster, deep, wide and thick – longer: 1-2 weeks.

To determine whether the tattoo has healed, you can run your hand over it. If the pattern is uniform, without roughness and husk-the restoration process was successful.


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