Haircuts for thin hair


Despite the prevailing stereotypes, a boy with thin hair today has all the opportunities to look as stylish and well-groomed as possible. The same can be said about those representatives of the stronger sex, whose hair is not perfect density. By giving the correct shape to thinning hair, you can not only distract attention from the problem itself but also add a maximum of masculinity to the image.


All you need is to truthfully assess the structure of your hair and make a decision in favor of changing your hairstyle. If we take into account the fact that changing the image usually entails positive changes in life, then this step can be considered more than justified!

Advantages of choosing a volume haircut


The main hairdressing techniques for increasing the luxuriance of hair are:
Graded haircut, in which the strands are structured according to a step technique at a certain angle. As a result, short hair is given a visual lightness and airiness, and medium and long curls make a favorable reference to the oval of the boy’s face, smoothing out irregular features.
Milling – the correct formation of the proportions of regrown hair in order to give the hairstyle additional volume, performed with special serrated scissors, as well as using a shaving machine.


Forming bangs of a strict or asymmetric shape to accentuate the open part of the face.
In addition, it is important to remember that an integral part of the success of creating a new image using hairdressing services is to contact a professional. If you consider that creating a haircut on thin strands requires the most competent and thoughtful approach, you should not rely on luck, turning to salons with an unknown or dubious reputation. Only a qualified and experienced hairdresser will be able to create the optimal effect of the volume of the hairstyle, the shape of which will prevent the eye from focusing on the problem areas.


Haircuts for medium length hair

Medium-sized strands are considered to be about from the temple to the chin. This length provides the greatest opportunities for the realization of personal fantasies and preferences. The only criterion that makes this option impractical, according to stylists, is considered a short neck. With this feature, the difference in proportions will only visually worsen. And, of course, do not forget about the impeccable cleanliness of the curls, in the absence of which, any image will look untidy.

The most common hairstyles:

Graduated square.

The optimal length, in this case, is formed along the line of the chin. They cut the strands with straight -type scissors. This option is optimal for owners of wavy, soft strands.



This option is one of the most practical and versatile in terms of style. The hairstyle is appropriate both in a classic business image and in a sports one. On the sides and back of the head, the strands are shortened, in the area of the top of the head, the length remains average.

Low-Fade-Haircut-For-Little-Boys Kids-Low-Fade



In the classic version, this haircut is very popular, especially for Mature men. The characteristic features of a haircut are an elongation of the strands in the crown area, a shorter temporal part, and upward styling. Ideal for men with sparse strands at the temples.



Adherents of brutal, masculine hairstyles often offer this option. This haircut will fit well with the sports style, the image of the military. Characteristic features – shortened strands at the top of the head, shaved temples and nape of the neck with a machine.

Kids-Bald-Fade Boys-Mid-Fade-Haircut


The distinctive features of this hairstyle – the average length in the forehead, a gradual shortening of the crown and temples. It is recommended to perform a basal type of fleece “side parting”, a fleece from the forehead to the occipital zone.


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