Form and type of beard in men 2

Form and type of beard in men

Have you picked the right beard from your appearance?

A sign of brutality of a man is a classic beautiful beard. The type of beard, types of and its shape can vary significantly depending on the preferences of the owner. Some people like the options of in the style of minimalism, someone closer to the in the shape of a horseshoe or “duck tail”.

The reasons why men begin to grow facial hair are different. This desire to compensate for the shortcomings of appearance, to give the face a more masculine expression, to gain popularity with girls, and much more.

About what beards are now in fashion, we will tell you next.

A sign of brutality of a man

What type of face do you have?

Beard design depends on many factors. To choose the right style, in addition to fashion trends, pay attention to the shape of the face, the General parameters of the male figure. For example, an ambiguous reaction of others will cause any kind of beard in short men with small facial features. A small beard concentrates additional attention to the size of a man.





triangle down

Triangle down

Form and type of beard in men 3

Triangle up

round face




  1. Oval type to face any beard, as the proportions of the face allow any experiments with vegetation on it.
  2. A square face will look great with a beard Anchor, Brett, Box, Duck tail, French fork. They will soften the square outlines and give a roundness in the right places.
  3. A triangular face requires a little disguise of a wide lower jaw, so it is better to choose such options: skipper, Screen, Balbo, Wolverine, sometimes Chinstrap or long sideburns with a shaved chin.
  4. Triangle up requires an emphasis on the bottom, so men will fit a full Russian beard, For example, Suvorov.
  5. Round face-ideal for him will be the vegetation that accentuates the chin. The task is to achieve clear angular shapes.
  6. A diamond-shaped face will look great framed by a beard Screen, Anchor or Balbo.

Form and type of beard in men 4

Who shouldn’t wear a beard?

It would be desirable, but in some cases, a man ought to abandon the idea of growing a beard. Objective reasons may be:

  • sparse facial hair;
  • if the hair grows in the area, which is undesirable to emphasize;
  • curly hair;
  • hairs of heterogeneous color;
  • hairs growing in different directions.

Beard, of course, adorns a man, but it is not suitable for everyone. In addition to the above factors for and against it is important to consider your height, style, social circle. If the independent choice of  is difficult, you can use the online computer program to choose the shape of the or contact the salon.

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