62 Best Baby Boy Haircuts 2020

Baby haircuts

Baby haircuts

Haircuts styles for boys 2020: photos of haircuts for boys of different ages.

Today, children are much more modern and better developed than we were in childhood. These children are better erudite, they are sociable and fun. Modern children are more likely to pay attention to how the adults dressed and the fact that the show on TV. They want to repeat after their elders and look just as cool and stylish


Among adults, it is considered that girls pay more attention to the appearance of their hair, spin more in front of the mirror and watch their appearance as if they are princesses.

But this is because beautiful, stylish and well-groomed men are very attractive, so boys now look at their fathers and want to look no worse too. They also devote time to their appearance


Smart, fashionable and caring parents know that any baby needs to be taught to beauty and neatness from an early age . Therefore, from an early age, choose fashionable and stylish haircuts whether it is 2-4 years or 5-10 years. But all this is not so easy, just chose a haircut for the boy.

Today, baby boy haircuts are, first of all, a manifestation of your child’s personality, it is his desire and his choice of how he wants to look, but who to look like.

All this is very important for the formation of the child’s personality.

We present you the rating of 2020, the coolest and most popular hairstyles and haircuts among different age categories, which will be very useful for those who are still thinking about what kind of haircut they should get.

When is this possible and how to cut a child’s hair for the first time?


1 year haircut

In many families, it is considered that when a child turns 1 year old, his first hair must be shaved bald. They do this so that the child has beautiful and thick hair in the future. But this is an erroneous opinion, because the hair structure depends on the data transmitted to it genetically, i.e. on the number of hair follicles, on the quality and structure of hair laid from birth and no matter how many times you cut it on a bald head, the hair will not become thicker if it is not laid by nature.

If you have decided to cut a haircut for a child, since the hair usually grows unevenly by the year, but you are afraid to do it yourself, then resort to the help of a hairdresser. If the child is afraid, then try several times to go with him to his hairdresser and let him watch how you cut your hair.

baby boy haircuts for thin hair

2 year old haircut boy

Haircut for a boy in the first years of his life should be beautiful and fashionable and convenient.This is due not only to the fashion trend and the desire of the mother, but also to the fact that the child should feel beauty, be confident and like himself in the reflection of the mirror. After all, since childhood, a sense of beauty is formed.

Another important feature of a 2 year old  haircut is the ease of care. Kids do not like long manipulations with their head, they will not allow you to do long styling and blow dry, it is necessary that their hair when drying naturally looked great.

Also, when choosing a haircut, pay attention to the fact that the hairstyle does not interfere with the eyes, since at this age, vision is still being formed and you can not let the eyes get in the way of a long Bang .

Comb Over Best Haircuts

3 year old boy haircut styles


Classic men’s haircut.

The best option for a 3-year-old boy’s haircut is a classic hairstyle model. This style is preferred by most parents, since this haircut does not need special care. It is easy to maintain, it does not require special styling tools. It is very stylish and suitable for any type of appearance and head shape, as well as combined with any style of clothing. And if you want to add audacity, you can lift your hair up with a Mohawk.


62 Best Baby Boy Haircuts 2020 1

Today there is a wide variety of simple hairstyles for boys.

Bowl cut

The contours of the haircut successfully emphasize the oval of the face.The hairstyle looks very stylish and fashionable. Children have very soft and light hair, so this hairstyle fits perfectly and does not require much effort in styling and additional funds. Unlike adults, this haircut looks very cute on children.

But before you cut such a haircut, you should find out whether it is suitable for a child. It is not always a haircut that looks great in the photo, well in harmony with your facial features or hair type. Do you understand? To do this, you should pay attention to some nuances. The main points that are considered when choosing a children’s haircut for boys are as follows:

The age of the baby. A hairstyle is prescribed for boys under 16 years old. If this is a face, then a child’s face.

Hair structure. The form is suitable for boys with straight hair by nature. With curly curls you will have to bother more, constantly stack them.

Type of face. Boys with a square-shaped face “pot” will not work, as it will look inharmoniously.

fade haircuts
fashionable haircut baby

Creative undercuts

Hairstyles for boys with patterns have recently become a fashion trend. With this styling, the boys look stylish and creative. The boy will feel confident, knowing that he is individual and different from the others.

Previously, such model haircuts for boys with shaved patterns caused negative reviews. Today, this is a normal type of haircut, which is often chosen not only by children but also by adults.

Many athletes and artists can see such images. Looking at them, children choose just such a haircut, and also very often use cartoon characters in their hairstyles. Original zigzags, animal images, inscriptions, even three-dimensional pictures are cut out. Care for such hairstyles is minimal. It consists of a timely visit to the hairdresser to adjust the pattern.

curly hair haircut
3 year old boy haircut styles
best baby haircuts
baby cutout plane

Baby buns

The growing popularity of hair from the top beam. The sides of the hair are short, and the top has long or medium hair. This haircut is incredibly stylish and gives originality to the image of the baby. You often use longer decimal centimeters. It is convenient and practical.
But it is worth considering some points.

This hairstyle is not suitable for every event in life, as well as to attract the attention of others.You need to understand that the face should be round, but it is very narrow, and the thin face is elongated.This haircut with styling hair ponytail looks best on young guys from 4-16 year

dyed baby hair

Business-like Comb Over

Baby haircuts boy with a side parting is very beautiful and neat, from which not only mothers but also little girls are delighted, it is also universal for boys of any age category baby boys haircut styles
Bangs are an attribute of many baby boys haircut styles.
Sometimes just don’t have hairstyles without bangs. This game plays the role of bangs, laid on one side. Children with this haircut look like real businessmen. At the same time, if a young man decided to make bangs for himself, it is worth considering that the shape of the face plays an important role.

  • For boys with a round face is best bangs, elongated on top in combination with short temples.
  • For a square face, along Bang is best combined with a voluminous crown.
  • For a thin and long face, any bangs will suit, but with a voluminous styling.
  • And of course, the owners of an oval face will not have any problems with any bangs.

Hairstyling is done very simply, bangs combed to the left or right side and fixed with varnish.

The haircut mentioned above can be done to a boy with a shaved figure and a pattern that can be done at any age and with any type of hair.

we cut the baby
cuts and styles

Baby Mohawk Looks

To create such a haircut for a boy, you will need only straight strands. If the hair curls by nature, then after each wash they will need to be straightened. The modern version is adapted to the frenzied rhythm of our lives when there is not much time for hair styling. It looks great on both short and long strands.
Children with elongated thin face is contraindicated, as visually and so lengthens the face and forehead. A Mohawk will definitely suit a child if he has large facial features

62 Best Baby Boy Haircuts 2020 2

hairstyles for boys
dyed hair

dyed baby hair

Boy haircuts with curly hair

If the boy has curly hair, then the hairstyle needs to be selected with the master. Do not hide the natural beauty. You can choose the most convenient modern haircut, which will be useful for demonstrating hairstyles. frizz can also be cut in various ways. You can shave it on the sides and leave short hair at the crown, you can grow it and tie it in the tail of a samurai, and if you are for simplicity, just grow your hair to a length convenient for your child.

If you are considering what style to choose for your child, try starting from the shape of his face. If the face needs visual extension, choose a hairstyle with a volume in the upper part. Too narrow a face, on the contrary, is better to frame with curls. Square, can be softened by the volume at the temples.

62 Best Baby Boy Haircuts 2020 3

62 Best Baby Boy Haircuts 2020 4
62 Best Baby Boy Haircuts 2020 5
62 Best Baby Boy Haircuts 2020 6

Glamorous frig

Hairstyling of Glamorous frig by stylists is more perceived as a fashionable and youth haircut for children aged 8-12 years. For each child, the master should choose the haircut style, evaluating criteria such as age, structure, and shade of hair, face shape, and overall appearance.

For example, on obedient and soft strands, an ungraded haircut looks beneficial when the hair takes a smooth, even look and is cut as straight as possible under the machine. If a child prefers to wear a bang, then graduation looks spectacular, it is recommended to owners of thin and sparse hair, as a haircut gives volume to the hair on the crown.

62 Best Baby Boy Haircuts 2020 7
thin hair teenager
your baby boy
blonde thin hair
hair teenager

Various Braid Styles

Pigtails, or braids, are perhaps the oldest hairstyle after dreadlocks. She walked from ancient military campaigns, was a favorite of nomads and Vikings, hippies and musicians, and also densely settled in African culture. Pigtails can be braided with different patterns throughout the head. Also a new combination of braids and shaved temples.

Braids are one of the varieties of African male braids. They are made from their own hair, although you can use ordinary acrylic threads. They are selected in tone with a natural shade of hair or, conversely, in contrast with them.

Braided in different directions, often create bizarre patterns around the temples, the back of the head or around the circumference of the entire head. Sometimes braids are fixed at the back. This hairstyle takes several hours, it serves 2-4 weeks. It is allowed to wash your hair every 7-10 days, although such a scythe tolerates moisture.

your baby boy
braids on black

African pigtails

It is a lot of freely hanging thin braids.

Short or medium length hair, collected in afrokos, looks very beautiful in children. They are braided over the entire length, starting from the roots, left loose, sometimes collected in a tail or bundle at the crown or neck. The minus is considered the duration of weaving, often it takes 5-6 hours.

For weaving, bright ribbons and ropes are used, which makes the hairstyle unusually stylish. At the same time, the threads help to lengthen the braids. Hair care is quite simple – washing your hair with shampoo no more than once a week.

The easiest option is 3 pigtails. They can be thin and not very. They begin to weave at the forehead, gradually move to the back of the head or temples, where the finished braids form a tail. If desired, the hairstyle is unwrapped and after the soul is woven again even without the help of a master.

colored braids
your little boys hair
hair braids
little boy long hairstyles
to style a

High top fade

Classic haircut for African American men. Their naturally curly hair gives volume to this hairstyle. The evenness and sharpness of the lines give the haircut a stylish, neat look. Great for tough and curly hair.

African American men
High top fade

High top fade

Previously, such a haircut was done only for women. Now everything has changed – a short flight of stairs, as it is called simply, is suitable for any type of face at any age. Most likely, this is dangerous for hair styling difficulties. Every day you can look different: school, party, date – styling for any occasion.

High top fade
styling for any occasion

Short haircut sports for the boy teenager 2020

The most diverse are haircuts for tweens. At this age, guys are more interested in appearance, stand by the mirror for a long time, try to make a successful styling to please the girls. Masters pay close attention to haircuts of precisely this age category.
Sports hairstyles can be of different types, because there are more than 10 options for haircuts, which are very popular today. Consider the most relevant ones below.
Stylish carelessness is given to the image by raising wet hair and fixing it with styling. It is such a sporty men’s hairstyle that modern mods, many athletes and stars choose today.

Sport hairstyle Flattop

The hair on the sides and back of the head is cut almost bald. In the crown, the length of the strands varies from 2-3 to 6 inc. This part of the hair is stacked vertically, in the form of bristles. At the same time, the transition from long to short hair is smooth, without sharp corners. Options with elongated strands at the temples and the back of the head are possible.

Among the huge number of different techniques and options for haircuts, you will certainly find the right one for your child.

sport hairstyle
almost bald.
sport hairstyle

Best Haircuts For Baby Boys – Side Sweep or Comb Over Best Haircuts

Otherwise called a side part or bald spot, the wide scope is one of the most famous cuts among preteen and adolescent boys, and much of the time, it’s similarly as reasonable for babies and young men.

Like blurs, side-cleared hairstyle styles are extraordinarily adaptable and enable you to keep the top as short or long as you’d like. Everything necessary is a decent hairstyle that parts on one side or the other and “scopes” over his head.

Charming Hairstyles For Little Boys – Long Combed Over Side Swept Hair with Short SidesCute Hairstyles For Little Boys – Long Combed Over Side Swept Hair with Short Sides

Now and again, it might be a forward side scope that you like best; in others, you might need to keep the hair significantly more and give it a tousled impact.

What’s more, with only a marginally neater completion, it’s even conceivable to style a great side part. The cutting edge side part with a blur on the sides offers a rich, shrewd hairstyle ideal for boys all things considered.

Side Sweep
we cut the baby
Comb Over Best Haircuts

Modern stylists offer a large selection of new fashion haircuts for boys. During classes at school, you need to give preference to classic haircuts. On vacation, you can distinguish the tail on the top of the head. It is important that the hair does not interfere and does not distract, a child from an early age should be taught to care for itself and to monitor the style


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