40 Cute Little Boy Haircuts


There are lots of boy haircuts and it may tough to decide on the toddler hairstyles to their children. It is important that their character is reflected by their boy hairstyles as boys and toddlers change into adolescents. And if your toddler boy wishes to try cuts that are traditional or contemporary and trendy styles with styling that is trendy, there is a range of haircuts for boys.

Children are currently taking fashion and their style more seriously than ever. And parents can assist by directing their boys to hairstyles and the most recent haircuts. Let us take a peek at the haircuts for boys.


Best Toddler Boy Haircuts

Here are the toddler boy haircuts to test. Have a look at these boy haircuts for ideas on the next trip to the barbershop!

Children are currently taking fashion and their style more seriously than ever. And parents can assist by directing their boys to hairstyles and the most recent haircuts. Let us take a peek at the haircuts for boys.

With innumerable 6 or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-year-old boy haircuts this gallery of styles and cuts can allow you to keep up with the new hairstyles for children.

Short Messy Hairstyle


Long hair isn’t required by fashions that are messy, also this hairstyle that is short that is magnificent is the best illustration of a small boy’s haircut. This spiky and tousled team cut functions particularly for boys with hair that is thick. It is a cut that’s virtually the exact same length around, with more hair at the top and sides.

Employ a styling item and it’s possible to design a textured look that edgy and cute. This really is a notion, if you are looking for an easy to design haircut.

Short Sides, Long Top Haircut

Short Sides, Long Top Haircut

It is believed that when a child turns one year old, it is necessary to cut it bald. Then the baby will grow thick and beautiful hair.

When deciding whether to cut a child on a bald head every year, it is worth considering that this will not make your hair thicker and more beautiful, it will not grow better. This is confirmed from a scientific point of view. The number of hair follicles, the speed of hair growth, their color and type are laid in the baby when he is still in the womb. If both parents had thick hair, their child would have it.

baby boy haircuts for thin hair

Little Boys with Curly Hair

Hair appears candy and enchanting and with the ideal haircut, curls may match any boy’s character. The boy curled haircuts are paired with a lotion for styling and brief. Without including a lot of volumes a little styling product along with layers work together to maintain each independent and different.

undercuts short hair medium long

But, curls that fall across the brow are included by other hairstyles for toddlers using hair. Length fashions can do a remarkable job of optimizing movement volume and flow for a kid that is cute.

Side Part


The gentleman’s negative part is. This boy hairstyle entails a couple of inches of span on top paired with a brief fade.

To design it, all you will need is gel or pomade that provides moderate to grip. Put on the item, then comb the hair in the side. The negative part fade is trendy enough for a wedding day but still stylish and casual enough for a day in preschool.

Ivy League Crew Cut + Spiked Front

Ivy League hairstyles are very popular with small boys and guys of all ages. These posh toddler haircut designs are a cinch to get barbers and using just a small amount of training, this difficult part and the spiked front is simple for kids and parents to design for college.


Simply ask your child’s barber to get a top taper fade or undercut on the sides using a shaved area. The brief ribbon on top leaves approximately two to three inches of the span, using a more fringe.

Employ fantastic hair merchandise for boys, then comb over the entire scalp together with your child’s natural part. The bangs glued into the side or could be spiked upward. This candy mixture of an Ivy League team clip and cutover is the best balance between casual and formal, and the front provides a daring pop of flair your little boy is guaranteed to appreciate.

Faux Hawk with Undercut


There are numerous cool small boy haircuts that function nicely for thin or thick hair, and also this faux hawk paired together with all the iconic undercut is just one of these. Artificial hawk fade and undercut hairstyles are trending powerful for toddlers, particularly as cute haircuts for 1, 3 and 2-year-old boys.

With 3 to 4 inches of length at the top, the more hair enables for the cluttered texture which provides a faux hawk its elevation. The undercut or brief tapered sides underline the styling and produce the appearance stick out. If your little man has a cowlick you can not tame, this is an excellent way to conceal it!


Comb Over Fade + Hard Part

The comb fade is a classic haircut idea is effective for thick, straight, and hair that is fine. This basic children’s haircut is ideal for a day in school or Sunday providers, and as a result of the skin fade around the back and sides, it is going to keep your little man nice and cool throughout the summer.

With just a tiny bit of pomade, wax, gel or lotion, maintaining the brushed over hair in place all day is really a cinch. You are able to part the design flat for a glossy finish or maintain the design gently combed around for more flow and volume.

Boys with Long Hair


Long hair is a superb basis for a lot of the cutest and amazing haircuts for boys. Long hairstyles may be styled for optimum quantity and stream, shaggy to get a messy mop shirt or part for an exceptional finish. Whether your small boy favors a moderate length cut or extended haircuts that trimming split ends and expand beyond the shoulders, children have many distinct choices for styling.

Finally, long haircuts for small boys are ideal if your child has directly thick or wavy hair. Waves and curls produce a natural feel and supply a particular appearance.

40 Cute Little Boy Haircuts 140 Cute Little Boy Haircuts 2

Faux Hawk Fade

Little boys with long hair might want to share their own bold and feminine fashion at a really young age, along with the faux hawk fade might be the ideal haircut thought for them. With a tall skin fade around the sides for additional comparison and thick, more hair at the top, this great kids’ haircut is on-point and refreshing.

A high-hold pomade retains the medium to long hair put in spikes while the large bald faded helps produce the illusion of much more elevation. The stripes on both sides equilibrium the spiked styling up attractively.

dyed hair

Remember this is only one of the trendiest haircuts for boys with thick hair because thinner hair can make it tricky to acquire the tall spikes.

Curly Hair Fade + Bald Fade + Line Up

Some of the toddler boy haircuts for curly hair are daring, and this instance is no exception. Known as a hair fade, the span on top is enough to enable the ringlets to curl.

40 Cute Little Boy Haircuts 3

curly hair haircut


40 Cute Little Boy Haircuts 440 Cute Little Boy Haircuts 5

The curls supply a mild styling product and a stunning end may be utilized to control and deal with the style. Styling is as straightforward as letting the hair to wash shampooing and operating a smoothie through later.

What’s more, the fade around the sides concentrates on the eyes onto the curly hair over. Fashionable and low-maintenance, the fade edging for a look and is accompanied by a lineup across the hairline, and that cleans the temples up.

Slicked Back Undercut

The right hair on top could be trimmed between 3 to 6 inches, leaving sufficient length to slick back the hair. Luckily, learning the way to slick hair is super simple, which makes the glossy back undercut one of the greatest college haircuts for boys.

First, employ a solid pomade with a few glow and operate it through your hair. Use a spoon to brush back your hair, styling the glossy hair is desirable. Boys and Mothers may comb the hair back and horizontal for an end, or brush it back and up to get a more appearance.

The hairstyle undercut or etched to a fade is discretionary and may be substituted with several logos or geometric patterns.


Extended Fringe + Short Sides

Toddlers may be stylish and chic with the demand for a haircut. With brief sides along with a long fringe that’s swept to hang across the brow, this adorable yet edgy little child hairstyle was popular in the past several decades.

Great for nice, thick, and hair that is straight, hairstyles that are longer may operate will all hair types. If your child does have hair that is thinner, we advocate styling wax to get a fuller appearance. The sides may be faded fast to accentuate the styling.


Low Taper Fade + Thick Short Hair

Thick short hair is normal among small boys, and if paired with a non-taper fade, this traditional brief haircut is fantastic for the warm summer months. The cut the trunk and sides help to decrease some of their depth and also the more hair on top is simple to style dirty or cluttered.

Brush the hair to the side or right back to get a hairstyle. Bear in mind this hairstyle is ideal for hair, but it may also do the job for hair to get an appearance that is adorable.


Textured Scissors Cut

If your little guy is somewhat about the side, maintaining his hair shinier and styled might appear hopeless. The mess is embraced by this hairstyle for boys! Let your child’s hair grow out and allow his luscious locks stream obviously.

The best part is that styling isn’t required by fashions. Shampoo and air dry to acquire the waves that are textured. Employ merchandise for control and shine, particularly if your kid has hair that is curled.


Spiky Hair Fade

Short to medium length hairstyles for boys provide lots of styling choices, and also this unique textured spiky hair provides an enjoyable and handsome appearance. This hairstyle is cut with thicker and a fade at the top. A hair fade’s attractiveness is it can become brush back, quiff, a fohawk, or harvest top.

To prevent clumping the hair does not use a brush or gel. A matte wax pomade or clay item ought to be worked in with fingers and your palms. Practice pulling your hair to make spikes that stand tall and straight up.


Short Side Swept Hair + High Taper Fade

Moms, dads, and children that are lovers of those preppy hairstyles are certain to enjoy this side-swept appearance and brief taper fade. The hair on the top is brushed then into the side and sailed up.

Meanwhile, the design looking casual, trendy and handsome is kept by the fade around the sides. It is one of many small boy haircuts for direct hair which adds a feel, but it is also a fantastic cut for slightly wavy hair.

40 Cute Little Boy Haircuts 6

Modern Quiff + Undercut

The quiff hairstyle that is textured is ideal for school. This undercut and handsome quiff blend is sublime if your boy is older because of his age.

Mothers need to ask the barber to depart on top, however shorter on either side of their kid. There are a number of ways to tailor a cut.

For the ideal approach to design a quiff, receive a low without a glow pomade. Use your hands back and to brush the boy’s hair, or diagonally. This equilibrium between strands might require time and some energy, however, the outcome is a look that lasts.




The toddler mohawk is very good for boys that have hair which does not always collaborate with a conventional style like a negative part. Even though sides have been shaved by some mohawk haircuts, this is essential. Epidermis fade or A fade may trim the sides.

A small boy mohawk hairstyle, shave or just brush the hair on top and maintain the hair using a buzz in the sides shorter. In reality, if the hair of your baby is in the process of growing in over the sides — that is typical for a boy — that this hairstyle is ideal.

mohawk is very good for boys

Naturally Curly Hair

Toddlers that have hair would be the envy of both women and men. As opposed to attempting to resist with the curls or cutting them short, the curly hairstyles for boys of today demand growing outside the hair.

By enabling the curls to have a life of their own, infant boys wind up with unique fashions. The haircut styled and over is layered which makes them super easy to wear.

Naturally Curly Hair

Textured Short Crop Top + Taper Fade

Small boy cuts are all about feel, and this harvest haircut leverages hair to get a style. The harvest is getting a trend for men, which makes the cut popular in barbershops all. Enough for church but fashionable and clean-cut the garnish, for college is a great touch.

The taper fade will help produce the illusion of quantity when maintaining hair comfy and light. Having a styling item for boys brush ahead to design the hair that is cropped.

40 Cute Little Boy Haircuts 7

Shaggy Mop Top

The mop shirt is a parent preferred — particularly for men who happen to get a bit of wave or curl for their own hair, of the toddler boy haircuts trending today.

Hairstyle or the mop shirt works for all sorts of hair, and the tougher your child performs, the more ordinary this haircut appears.

40 Cute Little Boy Haircuts 8

Thick Brushed Up Hair + Faded Sides + Shaved Line

Hick brushed hairstyles up similar to this 1 provide a happy medium between wavy hair as well as the iconic top that has been made popular. New and fresh, this brush up is complemented by sides along with a part that was shaved. It functions best on thick, straight, and coarse hair.

Cool boy haircuts such as this supply endless possibilities, leading to a hairstyle that your child will love.

40 Cute Little Boy Haircuts 9

Wavy Hair on Top + Short Sides

As one of the haircuts on our listing, this hair fade is cute. Popular toddler hairstyles glow and make the most of your infant boy hair feel.

Hair has its own appearance, so children can not replicate, why don’t you decide on a style that is trendy. With a few layers onto the top joint with a cut the sides, that feel becomes the attention of this styling.

Hair toward the trunk is brushed and also the short bangs at sweep so gently to make a darling design that’s fine and sophisticated.


Pompadour + Undercut

The undercut can be toned down with a volume at the top while this hairstyle comes with sides to get a clean finish. Ask your barber to get a low or mid fade Whether this haircut design is too much of a style statement for your child.

You can use hair thinning hair products the pompadour with hair Even though it functions with thicker, longer hair. Be certain, to produce the poof at the front which makes the pompadour particular brush the remainder back.

On the flip side, this haircut may be utilized to put on a comb over fade, hawk, or mohawk, so don’t hesitate to experiment.


Textured Messy Hair + Short Tapered Sides

If you’re on the search nonetheless suits the active lifestyle of your little one, this messy hairstyle that is unique might be the best option. The tapered sides keep things low-maintenance and light, however, the cluttered provides a little this mindset that is common in the child fashions of today.


Buzz Cut Fade

Mothers and dads of rather little children frequently pick boy haircuts that need little (if any) styling. This cut fade would be your haircut that is great if you’re planning on cutting your children’s hair. With a set of pliers along with a couple 3 or 1, 2 shield size, cut of the hair length. Skilled parents may utilize a number 0 no shield to cut around the hairline to get a clean border up.

This children buzz cut is amazing and edgy. Whether you only wish to save time shaving his hair for college each morning or desire to have a puppy for the boy, the cut fade is a superb option.


Short Spiked Up Hair in Front

Following is a cute infant boy haircut that is a cinch to design at home. With brief spiked hair up in the front and sides, the styling looks like the fohawk of a kid. For kids that are wearing their hair that is fine, it works as a toddler boy hairstyle.

Begin with a clip brush hair upward and forward. Modest styling merchandise can help maintain hair in place. For toddlers, you need to select hair products that have ingredients.


Long Layered Hairstyle

Haircuts such as this appearance that is long center on producing the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. The layers beneath raise quantity and the length on top, which makes the hair appear healthier and fuller. Styling is easy with just and also for a finish that is cluttered, no item is obligatory for the most part.


Crew Cut + Low Taper Fade

The team cut is among the boy brief haircuts that are top-rated and this model was styled into a cute gentleman’s hairstyle. The appearance is timeless and innocent Having a taper fade to concentrate your attention on the hair that is parted.

This is undoubtedly one of the better options if you’re searching for toddler boy haircuts for hair. Try out an excellent wax or pomade.


Long Hairstyle with Bangs

College boys with long hair are now able to pull off as many fashions as men, although hipster hairstyles for boys have to be few and far between. The fashion that is more is shaggy and somewhat cluttered, however, the bangs do a superb job of attracting the hairstyle.


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