Men’s haircuts in 2020.

In 2020, fashion trends are moving forward, let’s look at the trends of men’s haircuts in 2020.

In the new year, the most fashionable long haircuts or hairstyles of medium length, where the falling strands are combed back or parted on the side using hair gel.

Also relevant are ultra-short haircuts, the so-called “army”, which are often chosen for themselves by bold men with expressive facial features who are not afraid of experiments.

The trend still has hairstyles with a hint of sloppiness, carelessly arranged strands, they flashed at most fashion shows for men.

But at the extreme Dior show, models took to the catwalk with a Side Part haircut — a traditional English hairstyle in a classic style.

The main fashion condition for 2020 is that the hairstyle should have a so-called texture so that it does not look too correct and boring.

In any case, we recommend that you turn to a professional for a fashionable haircut.

long haircuts or hairstyles of medium

Boy haircuts

Speaking of modern haircuts for teenage boys, masters are less likely to mean short hair. Medium or even large – this length of hair is very suitable for the younger generation, of course, if you keep the curls in the proper form.

The secret is that it is thanks to length that it is often possible to experiment with styles, achieve diversity and create your image. If a young man still decides on an average length of hair, he must understand that he will have to take care of his hair: wash it in time, do not be lazy to comb it, etc. Not all boys agree to this.

little boys fade haircuts